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Who Ya Gonna Call?

ATTORNEYSCOTT COMMENTARY: Parody art, especially when used on apparel or other products, presents a particular sticky set of legal issues. Technically, art of this nature is what’s known in legal circles as “derivative works,” meaning new art that is created from, or incorporates, pre-existing creative material or intellectual property. Notably,

Recasting in the Digital Age

ATTORNEYSCOTT COMMENTARY: One of the exclusive rights granted to an artist when she creates an original work  is the right to “transform” or “recast” that work in ways she sees fit. That precludes others from, say, taking one’s painting of a unicorn and making unicorn stuffed animals based on the

Prolific Ripping

Note: None of these ripped items are mine, but they belong to numerous creative individuals out there, only a few can I identify, perhaps you might be able to identify some of the other art and help inform the original owners. Work is stolen all the time and put on

My Photo, My Daughter…

So this painter was a student of my mothers good friend. the picture made it from my mother to her friend to the artist, then onto the canvas. I was never contacted or asked if it was OK. and he is selling it for $2700 I am the photographer… I

Radiohead Music Video Contest Winner Rips Off Monkmus

I’m a big fan of Radiohead and recently saw one of their latest music videos which reminded me of a video I saw for Los Campesinos!  At first look, the similarities are not so glaring because the animated techniques used in the videos are different, but upon closer examination, I

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