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As we’ve seen many times in the past, the immediacy of the internet and the ease at which art can be right-clicked and saved-as (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) has led to a tidal wave of copyright infringement. The problem is particularly fierce when the art at issue is especially compelling or quirky or possesses other characteristics that lend themselves to viral-ity. Artist Brittany Wright has been the victim of such infringement, as a number of her original and proprietary photographs have been misappropriated by others and posted and published online, often with no indication that she is the original author. In one particularly egregious situation, someone copied her photograph, added some numbers to it, and then when caught claimed to now own the work as result of the added numbers. Fortunately, due to the litigation efforts of other artists who have experienced similar theft and stood up to the infringers, the courts are now more welcoming to artists like Brittany. A few examples of the misappropriation are set forth below:

Original Work by Ms. Wright:

Unauthorized Use:

Original Work by Ms. Wright:

Unauthorized Use:


For further study, you can read my column on copyright and viral content here:

Don’t let the biters get you down – keep creating!

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