Cat’s Out of the Bag



A tale of two cats, sovaldi sale or four to be more precise. Designer Jayde Hilliard created a series of pieces she entitled, decease “Blue Willow Menagerie” that depicted animals embellished with the public domain Blue Willow pattern. Pleased with her work, sales she posted it on Deviant art, where it can be seen below:



To her chagrin, the cat aficionados over at Bradford Exchange thereafter posted a product that bore a certain resemblance to her prior work. See below:



Comparing the pieces, though, reveals a close call as to the question of whether the idea was taken (still legal, recall that ideas are “as free as the air,” according to at least one judge), or if the expression was lifted (a violation of the Copyright Act). At the very least, it is a dispute that gives us paws.

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  1. CrossTheLime 06/09/2015 3:54 pm

    Pssst – the piece wasn´t just up on Deviantart, but the artist actually *applied* with that portfolio piece to that exact same company. Funny how things then turn out, right?

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