Animal Style: Infringement isn’t Foxy


Etsy, Zazzle, Cafe Press and the like have been a boon to aspiring designers who want a low barrier, affordable way to market their works. But, this low barrier also allows the less savory denizens of the internet – the knock-off artists – to easily sell their shady wares. Below appears to be one such instance.

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Hi there! Long-time listener, first-time caller. After reading the latest updates on YTWWN, I decided to look into the misuse of my more popular designs. Lo and behold, I found that a Zazzle user named Mattjkruse has been selling one of my geometric fox designs that I had, stupidly, posted without a watermark.

I know from YTWWN that a low-poly geometric animal is not an original concept by any means. But, this is not a case of someone being heavily inspired by a design; this is someone basically downloading my design and uploading it to their storefront.

Here is my artwork:

And, here is his page o’ knock-offs:


As you can see, he didn’t stop with one item, but went all out, slapping my artwork on hats and plates and so on.

Thanks for listening.

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