I spotted these fliers being handed out near where I work on Belfast, Northern Ireland. A cursory glance showed something was seriously amiss – their badger mascot is a shameless ripoff of Wisconsin’s own Bucky Badger! Yes we might be in the other side of the planet, but we still know who Bucky is.

The copy:

And the Original Bucky:

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  1. baphomiss 05/16/2010 12:32 pm

    not to mention a European Badger does not bear even the slightest resemblance to the North American Badger on which Bucky was based!

  2. Derpderp 04/29/2010 12:00 am

    So how much did you charge to make that logo, anyway Broke and Drive.

  3. A small reply 04/24/2010 3:37 am

    Dear Mr. BrokeandDrive,

    As you seem to be a reasonable and up-standing citizen, would you mind if I make a few small suggestions? Please understand that I am not making these suggestions as a negative indictment of your well-worded post, but instead, I only make these trivial suggestions, so that, we, the unwashed masses, may understand your keen and sharp intellect.

    The first suggestion that I would make is to clean your keyboard. A clean computer is a happy computer. I will not suggest what or which fluid has accumulated on the keyboard after hours and hours of watching Britney Spear videos and reading your own comments, but it is suffice to say it is not maple syrup. The end result is that the shift key has obviously become sticky, causing words to be randomly capitalized. This unfortunately has the unintended consequence of making your wise and witty writings appear to be nothing more that an angry word salad by a schizophrenic graphic design artist who has so little talent that even creating a circle in Mario paint is beyond his/her wildest dreams.

    The second meager suggestion I have for you is to buy a clue. It does not have to be a ‘fucking’ clue, or even a ‘goddamn’ clue. Any old clue would do. Even a Blue’s clue would suffice. While it might not be illegal to copy the mascot of one of the largest universities in the world, it does, however, show a complete lack of ethics and imagination on the part of the artist. It shows that the graphic artist in this case has the talent of a cold lump of dog shit. How hard is it to draw your own cartoon badger, if that is what you are paid to do?

    My third and final suggestion would be lithium. It’s a wonderful alkali metal. It’s just three little happy protons, surrounded at times by three happy electrons and three or four equally happy neutrons. While I am not suggesting that you consume it in its metal form, although to be perfectly honest with you, it might do you and the world as a whole an untold amount good, I am suggesting that you partake in some of the finer lithium salts — maybe a spoonful of lithium citrate. If none of these excellent salts are readily available, you can always lick a battery. If a battery is not on hand, you then could always fuck a light socket. Addition of lithium ion to your diet would do you a world of good, and who knows maybe you’ll take you head out of your ass long enough to see what a complete dumb fuck you are.


  4. BrokeAndDrive 04/12/2010 5:12 am

    If it was so important to you, why did you put it in the public domain? Dumbass. You were asking for someone to steal it.

    What you and the rest of the whiny babies at (jesus you idiots suck at domain names) don’t get, is if you don’t write your name in marker on your brown paper lunch bag and — PAY ATTENTION HERE — put it in a ***PUBLIC*** FREEZER, anyone is FREE TO EAT IT. If you were too stupid to write your name on your lunch bag, you lose all rights to bitch when someone eats your lunch. This is where an eight-year-old girl would point at you and say, “DuuUUuuUUuuhh!!” Yeah that’s right, a 2nd-grader is smarter than you.

    So it’s less “you thought we wouldn’t notice” than “we don’t give a shit if you notice, in fact we hope you do because fuck you legal-illiterate wiki-aspbergers”.

    You should have put your fucking name on it you god damn moron! What the fuck is wrong with your head that you can’t connect two neurons in your skulls? As Earnie at put so eloquently, rub those two lone brain cells in your cavernous skulls and spark a fucking clue!

    So shake off the butthurt, self-righteous emo faggotry, take a step back, accept that ***YOU*** FUCKED UP, learn from this experience and DON’T FUCKING DO IT AGAIN.

    P.S. Thank you, Internet, for bringing together so many high-creativity, low-intelligence and low-wisdom cocktards. These derp-derp jackasses have stupidly created a vast, UNDEFENDED resource of art for anyone to FREELY plunder.

    And they’re actually surprised that leaving a thousand freshly-baked pies on hundreds of window sills attracts even more hobos? Or frying up a mountain of steaks in the middle of a forest pulls in every single wolf, bear, and cougar in a 20-mile radius?


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